Create stunning video walkthroughs in minutes

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Take your real estate video production into your own hands

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High-quality images

Get the most out of your home video by shooting beautiful images in high quality.

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Anyone can create professional video walkthroughs of homes with our app.

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Various formats

Videos for all your digital channels such as website, real estate portals and social media.

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Property information

Property information is shown at the right time in the video.

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Easy to integrate into all digital channels

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Interactive video for your website & portals

Place a virtual visit with your listing and give the interested buyer a good idea of e property.

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Video content for your social media

Thanks to the different templates, you quickly provide video content on all your social media channels.

Shoot once, get infinite video formats

plug & play

Professional video in 1,2,3

Integrating video into your real estate office or network is child's play with Walkly. Get more out of your video strategy with the Walkly app.

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Interactive video

Offer viewers the ability to move from room to room by clicking.

Social media video

Dynamic videos that grab attention from the first minute.


Choose from several pre-made templates that will score you.


Bring your brand to life with customised designs for your video strategy.

Make it personal with your own video template

Pre-made templates

We have designed pre-made templates to set you apart from your competitors

Available soon

Tailor-made template

Use your own branding elements to bring continuity to your video strategy.

New in beta

Walkly scroller for your mobile website

Create even more interaction on your website

Let visitors to your website quickly scroll through your offerings using moving images. Visitors will spend longer on your website

Mobile first for an optimal experience

The vast majority of visitors to your website do this on a mobile device. The Walkly scroller lets your viewers discover homes in a customized way.

How does Walkly work?

The user-friendly Walkly app can be used by any real estate professional. Our smart technology allows you to create videos of all your properties in minutes.

What our customers say

Read the stories of other real estate offices that have quickly and easily integrated Walkly into their working practices.

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’I can convince potential clients with this’

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6.5 days
time gained

Every week, I save an hour by not having to edit my videos myself. That counts as fast.